Auto Demo Recorder Plugin For Counter-Strike 1.6 (2014 - 2015)

Auto Demo Recorder

Description :

Have you ever seen, how banned players complained on the admins on the forums and couldn't prove without a recorded demo, that they are not cheaters? This plugin will help players, who played on server (hltv off) and hasn't recorded demo before they have been banned and admins to correctly consider an application for unban. It will automatically start to record a demo to player's cstrike folder after he will connect to the server. I hope it will be really usefull.

CVars :

Turns on/off the plugin.

amx_demo "1/0" <default: "1">

Swithes between demo modes (0/1/2). 
"0" - Demoname determinŠµs by an amx_demoname CVar. 
"1" - Demoname will be a server's IP with Port (amx_demo_name CVar is ignored). 
"2" - Demoname will be the hostname (amx_demo_name CVar is also ignored).

amx_demo_mode "0/1/2" <default: "0">

Turns on/off client SteamID before demoname in messages and demofile.

amx_demo_steamid "1/0" <default: "0">

Time before demo recording starts in seconds.
(If it is less than 5, it will automatically set to 5, but willn't apply the changes to the console. I recoment to use default settings)

amx_demo_rectime "15"

The name of your demo what will be saved in client's cstrike folder.

amx_demo_name "Autorecorded demo"

The prefix that will be displayed before messages when amx_demo_rectime have passed.

amx_demo_prefix "AMXX"

Screenshot :

Installation Instruction :

Step 1. Install Amx Mod X

Step 2. Copy & Paste amx_demorecorder.amxx to plugins folder
Path : cstrike\addons\amxmodx\plugins

Step 3. Copy & Paste demorecorder txt File to lang Folder
Path : cstrike\addons\amxmodx\data\lang

Download Links :
Download demorecorder.txt
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