Counter-Strike 1.6 dproto [Updated & 100% work with server]


  • Server accepts all known clients based on 47 and 48 protocols;
  • Customizable SteamIDs for clients;
  • Works with latest version of hlds;
  • Built-in server-side emulation support. 

Q: What is dproto?

A  :  Dproto was made as replace for cbooster on double-protocoling solutions area. dproto designed to work for new p.48
 HLDS, so all steam features can be used with it. Dproto has one primary goal - to allow old clients to join new servers, all another features are secondary and they were added by users requests.

Q : How to install dproto?

1. Go to <gamedir>/addons/ and make new directory named dproto
<gamedir> - its a game directory; cstrike for Counter-Strike, valve for Half-Life, etc

2. Copy dproto.dll or to <gamedir>/addons/dproto/

3. Go to metamod installation directory (usually its <gamedir>/addons/metamod/) and edit plugins.ini:
add this line for windows
win32 addons\dproto\dproto.dll
or this for linux
linux addons/dproto/
at the beginning of the file

4. Copy dproto.cfg to server root or gamedir.

5. Start the server. You should use this command on linux:
./hlds_run -binary ./hlds_i686

Frequently Asked Questions :

Q : I installed dproto, but it does not work. meta list says this:

Currently loaded plugins:
      description      stat pend  file              vers      src   load  unlod
 [ 1] dproto           fail load    v0.3.4    ini   Start Never

A : Start server with -console +log on +mp_logecho 1 parameters and look through console output. You'll find the reason there.

Q : AmxModX admins could not authorize using their password.
A : Just replace _pw in dproto.cfg:

ValidInfoFields_Engine = \name\bottomcolor\topcolor\model\cl_lc\cl_lw\cl_updaterate\cl_dlmax\rate\_pw\*hltv\password
to field that you using for keep admin password.

Q : I dont see my server in steam favorites!
A : Set ServerInfoAnswerType to 0 or 2 in dproto.cfg

Q : My server is invisible in favorites in cs v24!
A : Set ServerInfoAnswerType to 1 or 2 in dproto.cfg

Q : How to make my server visible both in old no steam clients and steam?
A : Set ServerInfoAnswerType to 2 in dproto.cfg

Q : I'm getting "Error verifying STEAM UserID Ticket(server was
unable to contact the authentication server)" error when playing on legit client.
Q : Bans for legit SteamID do not work. Users with banned IDs are able to play on server.
A : Your server can't conect/lost connection to steam servers. I dont know universal method to check connection to steam servers (if someone know it - pls tell me). If you have VAC secured server, use stat command. If it shows version as "insecure" or "insecure (secure mode enabled, disconnected from Steam3)" it means that connection to steam servers lost. This problem is not related to dproto, but i can give some tips to fix it:
1. Check if outgoing TCP connections are allowed to destination port 27030
2. Check if outgoing UDP datagrams are allowed from local ports 2690x
3. If you using linux, you should add +ip <server ip> parameter to command line. I'm using +ip for example and it works fine.

Q : My server could not be displayed in monitoring system.
 A : It's because of hybrid answer type, some monitoring scripts cannot handle it correctly. There is 3 way to solve the problem: use standart answers (ServerInfoAnswerType = 1 or 0) or try to fix it by yourself, or write to script developers.I dont guarantee correct work of third-party stuff.

Q : I'm using latest engine and my server is not visible in internet list.
 A : Forward this question to Valve

Q : My server crashes sometimes after N days of work...
 A : Forward this question to Valve

Q : My server crashes when i installed mod X on it.
 A : Forward this question to mod X developers and check if you haven't missed something.

Q : I have players with same steamids on my server. They're recognized as SteamEmu (dp_SteamEmu)
 A : Steamid could be easily spoofed in SteamEmu auth algorithm. Deprecate these clients or set not-numeric id to them (STEAM_ID_LAN for example)

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