Block Wallhack v8 [CS & CZ] + Anti WallHack Plugins - 2014

 Block Wallhack v8 [CS & CZ] + Anti WallHack Plugins


Description :

This plugin blocks wallhacks (transparent walls) and soundhacks (squares, esps) including radar hacks by differently transmitting and filtering entity data

Features :

  • Player non visibility transfer block
  • If the player does not see one of the points in the visibility plane of a player the player will not be transmitted therefore becoming invisible for transparent wall cheats.
  • Smooth engine
  • The plugin adds prediction to player movement, it will make players not pop (appear out of nowhere).
  • FOV Check
  • The plugins checks if the players are in front of us or not, if not the players will not be transmitted, it helps when we talk about CPU efficiency and also for cheats that show the player in 3rd person view.
  • Transparent entity detection and storage base
  • It checks if we can see through an entity and it will modify it's properties so that the traces will not be influenced by it! The players will not notice anything!
  • Grenade and weapon transfer block
  • The plugin will block entities like grenades and weapons when they are not seen.
  • ESP block
  • The plugin will block soundhack and ESP by transmitting the sounds through different channels.
  • Footsteps generator
  • The plugin will generate footsteps, if you want this remember to set mp_footsteps to 0!
  • Soundhack key
  • The plugin will rename the sounds (the original sounds will not be deleted!) only if you want to this is optional! This helps when there are cheats that show the name of the sound on the screen, so that cheaters will not be able to understand what they mean.
  • Support for dynamic cameras
  • The plugin will detect when a player uses a camera and will not affect the visibility.
  • New updated notifier
  • The plugin will notify admins when an update is available!

Requirements :

  • Steam or No Steam
  • AmxModX v1.80 & Above
  • EngineX
  • Orpheu

Cvars :

// // TRW Block // //

trw_enable 1 // 1 (default/recommended) - plugin is turned on, 0 - off
trw_ignore_team 1 // 1 (default) if the plugin ignores teammates, 0 will check teammates and block them if not seen
trw_block_ents 0 // 3 block "grenade/armoury/weapon" entities with more checks, 2 block all entities but do more calculations on "grenade" entities, 1 block all entities that are not seen (no extra calculations), 0 (default) let the engine decide
trw_fov_check 1 // 1 (default/recommended) - do not transmit entities that are behind the player, 0 transmit everything
trw_target_check 1 // 1 (default) - if user shoots and hits someone that person will not be transmited, 0 disable tis check
trw_smooth_check 2 // 2 (default/recommended) - it will make the players not pop using vector calculations, 1 it will make players not pop using origin prediction, 0 disabled smooth check
trw_textureallow 1 // 1 (default/recommended) - will make the plugin ignore transparent entities, 0 disable this check

// // SND Block // //

snb_enable 1 // 1 (default/recommended) enable ESP sound blocking, 0 - disabled plugin
snb_footsteps 1 // 1 (default/recommended) make the plugin generate footsteps set mp_footsteps to 0!!!, 0 disabled
snb_shotover 1 // 1 (default/recommended) override shots, 0 disabled

Config files information :

Location: <target>/cstrike/addons/amxmodx/data/
This file only appears only if you want to use the soundhack key! The key can be imported from another file and can be managed with the server command wb_createsoundkey. If you have updated the plugin there is a chance that it will not be compatible with the last block wallhack version (depending on updates).

If you get in the console some of these messages: 
[Block Wallhack] Soundhack key version load failure (Version read failure). Using default sounds! 
[Block Wallhack] Soundhack key version load failure (Number of sounds does not correspond). Using default sounds! 
That means you need to delete these files and folders manually in order to create a new soundkey:

Soundhack key mamagement command :

amx_sndkeycfg <command> <target> -> creates the soundhack key!

This override commands will only work only if the present soundkey is loaded, if it is not loaded you will get an override error.

Here are the usage examples :

  • amx_sndkeycfg help - this will show you how to use the command
  • amx_sndkeycfg delete - this will delete the present soundkey (only if it was loaded)
  • amx_sndkeycfg create - this will delete the present soundkey (only if it was loaded) and create a new one
  • amx_sndkeycfg import <target> - this will import a soundkey from a file (will not override the present soundkey)
  • amx_sndkeycfg overimport <target> - this will import a soundkey from a file and delete the present one (only if it was loaded)

How to install the the same soundkey on multiple servers :

  • In the first server you type the command amx_sndkeycfg create in console to create a soundkey.
  • After you have done this go to the folder <target>/cstrike/addons/amxmodx/data and copy the file wb_sndkey.cfg.
  • After that paste that file in the same folder for other servers, the plugin should get the soundhack key automatically.

Credits :

  •  joropito - for compiling engineX on linux
  •  hlstriker - for finding the way to detect semi-transparent textures!
  •  h010c - for tests and benchmarks, anti-soundhack tests and code samples
  •  joaquimandrade - for pointing out the plugin flaws, and for the Orpheu module
  •  Connor - some stocks
  •  Arkshine - for finding precise weapon head points, and for some sig files, spawnStaticSound
  •  Mnx Community - for letting me test this plugin on linux!
  •  turshija - for some small suggestions.
  •  Owyn. - bug reports
  •  ShlumPF* - for small improvements (initial v1.0)
  •  eD & Niculae - for some tests

Installation :

Unzip the file "cstrike" in the "<target>/cstrike" folder
Now Add the following lines Into Plugins.ini File :

Save & Enjoy!
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