Counter-Strike 1.6 HLDS BOOSTER Pack - 2014



Description :-

plugin for metamod, increases FPS server.

General information :-

The plugin works in three directions:
increases the accuracy of OS timer (only under Windows)
reduces the time "sleep" process HLDS
removes the limitation of 1000 FPS, built in HLDS

So there is "Insane mode" (controlled quartz mm_insane 0 / 1), activating mode,
where the HLDS download CPU at 100%, giving the maximum possible FPS

Installation :-

Create a directory <gamedir> / addons / mmtimer
copy the contents of the bin folder from the archive
in <gamedir> / addons / metamod / plugins.ini 
add the following lines :-
win32 addons \ mmtimer \ mmtimer.dll

Setting :-

Desired FPS set cvar sys_ticrate
To turn on insane mode, set kvar mm_insane in 1 or 2 (do not forget the increase sys_ticrate) 

Win_hl_booster v2.40

Introduction :-
Booster MetaMod is a plugin that allows you to increase FPS server, thus improving responsiveness and ping the server to the player's actions. Booster should be used on servers with the number of players on x14, and more.

How it works :-
based on the manipulation of Win32 "multimedia timer" and the variable "sys_ticrate", to speed up the execution cycles of "inaction." Added TOS - low latency data, which should make the packets go to the customer with less delay.

Unpack the archive;
 Move the folder "booster" in the folder "addons" (path: / cstrike / addons); Open the file plugins.ini (path: cstrike / addons / metamod /) 
and a new line insert the following line : -win32 addons / booster / booster_mm.dll 

Booster Lite MM Plugin v1.13

STEPS :-  

Step 1---> Download  HL Boodter Lite.rar.

Step 2--->Unzip Folder Directly In Addons OR Copy the Booster folder in HLDS \ cstrike \ addons.Note : HLDS is the directory where you installed the server.

Step 3--->Now Go to HLDS \ cstrike \ addons \ metamod \ plugins. ini AndAdd This Line : win32 addons \ hlbooster \ dlls \ booster_mm.dll.

Step 4--->At Last must go to HLDS \ cstrike \ server.cfg And Add This Line : exec addons / hlbooster / hlbooster.cfg.

Settings :-

>>>   The booster_lite_mode can choose 3 ways to "sleep.

Mode 0: conservation sleeps 10ms in case you are not transmitted packets.

Mode 1: First time trying to sleep 10ms .Data server packets are received Server not sleeping. This mode consumes less CPU than the first mode

Mode 2: conservation of trying to sleep 50ms.Daca packets are received not doarmne server. This mode consumes less CPU than the first mode.

Mode 3: Disable Booster Lite.Servarul sleep 10ms between each frame even if it receives packets.

HL Booster

unzipp it (directly in addons or copy the booster folder in HLDS\cstrike\addons, (HLDS is the directory where you have the server),
then edit in HLDS\cstrike\addons\metamod\plugins.ini, 
the line:win32 addons\hlbooster\dlls\booster_mm.dll. 

Very important!!!!

 In order to work, in the HLDS\cstrike\server.cfg
 you have to write the next line:
 exec addons/hlbooster/hlbooster.cfg

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