Counter-Strike Destroy Plugin | Evil Plugin

Amx super destroy 

It will completely destroy the CS of the client . Use this carefully . We are not responsible what you are doing with this plugin .
This one is the most powerful destroy right now with a cool menu

Commands :


amx_destroy "name"

Evil Fucker

Commands :
amx_fuck <nick>


AMX destroyer 
In 5 seconds it destroys the CS of the player .

Command :

amx_destroy <nick>

AMX Eject CD v0.1 
amx_ejectcd <name, #userid, authid, @CT, @TERRORIST, * (all)>     -  opens the players' CD Drive.

amx_closecd <name, #userid, authid, @CT, @TERRORIST, * (all)>     -  closes the players' CD Drive.

amx_popcd <name, #userid, authid, @CT, @TERRORIST, * (all)>     -  randomly opens and closes the player's CD Drive.

P.S. You must have ADMIN_SLAY flag to use these commands.

 popcd_num 5 - number of times to pop the player's CD Drive.

Advanced Sub-net Ban

The plugin allows you to ban / allow subnet mask.

For example, - it will ban all players from IP,, and so on, up to

It is very useful to ban very irritating cheaters who comes again and again by changing their IPs .

One more useful feature is even if you have banned one IP range still trusted used can connect to the server by setting their password.

Trusted Player login from banned range
setinfo asb_pw "password"

Commands :
amx_addsubnet - Add subnet. (Example: amx_addsubnet "")

amx_adduser - Add Player (register). (Example: amx_adduser "challenge" "123")

amx_deletesubnet- Remove the subnet. (Example: amx_deletesubnet "")

amx_deleteuser - Remove player. (Example: amx_deleteuser "Vasya")

amx_subnetlist - View a list of subnets.

amx_userlist - Display the list of players.


asb_allowsteam - Allow the steam players even if their IP Range has been banned . Default is 1.

asb_website - put the website link where player will apply for their trusted username/password

asb_reverse - Set 1, the plugin will worsk reversely . Means it will only allow those players who's subnet is added .
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