Counter-Strike 1.6 Auto-Mix (Pug) - By: p1Mp

Auto-Mix (Pug)
Plugin scripted by p1Mp AKA Diegork
Version 1.1.6


This plugin is basically running a mix (10-men scrim) automatically, with a simple command.
Here are the stages:

It waits for 10 players to type !add in order to be 'ready', starts a vote map, changes to the map that was chosen (picks 4 random maps from configs/maps.ini), makes a teams vote (how teams should be organized), starts a knife round (winner team gets to be in the CT team), and then starts the scrim, after 15 rounds switching teams and when a team reaches score 16 she wins (There are included ACE and MINI ACE when you kill 4 / 5 people, also there are tags automatically added of the teams + score is being shown as for teams (A or B, and not CT or T)  

Commands :
These are the commands for a client (chat commands ofcourse) :
  • !rr - Restarting round (Only for ADMINS)
  • !restart - Restarting server (Only for ADMINS)
  • !add / !unadd - Being "ready" before a match starts, once 10 players have typed !add it starts a match.
  • !credits - Shows the author's name (It will be appreciated if it will not be removed from the SMA, I did not put my name everywhere, don't worry)
  • !cmds / !commands - Prints to chat all of the available chat commands.
  • !menu - Opens the Player's menu.
  • !voteban - There's a wise system within the plugin that detects if someone's TKing just to be annoying, if he's detected by the mode, players can type !voteban and vote him for ban (Can NOT ban anyone you want, only the ones who TK continously), also people gets banned automatically for 10 minutes if they TK people massively. (Can be disabled by a CVAR)
  • !score - Shows the teams current score (Only when match starts).
  • amx_automix_settings - Access to Administrators ONLY! This is a console command where you can change different of settings about the Auto-Mix Plugin, mostly Plugin Cvars and max players.

Plugin Cvars :

I'm going to list here all of the mode's cvars, which will enable / disable things in the mode (such as Knife round, detecting TK, and so on...),

Mostly, all of the cvars will be ON as default, also, there are AFK Kicker cvars which belong to another author that I will put in the credits later, I was too lazy to build an AFK kicker JUST for this plugin so I copied from another plugin, The AFK Kicker will detect if the player's AFK only after a match has started.

Here are the CVARS list :
  • pug_ffvote - Before each match that starts, there's a vote if weither to ENABLE / DISABLE FriendlyFire.
  • pug_kniferound - A cvar that indicates if a knife round will happen or not.
  • pug_players - A cvar that says how much players are needed in order to start a match. (Default: 10)
  • pug_detecttk - A cvar that indicates weither the system will try to detect TKers or not (Includes the entire !voteban system and auto-ban for massive TK)
  • mutemenu - Set 1/0 to Enable/Disable the mute menu.
  • pug_allowshield - Set 1/0 to Enable/Disable using Riot Shield on the server (On Knife round the shield will be disabled always).
  • pug_mapvote - Set 1/0 To Enable/Disable Map voting after everyone is ready (has typed !add), Teams vote will start right away if set 0.
  • pug_ranking - Set 1/0 To Enable/Disable a summative *top players* Ranking at the end of every match.
  • mp_afktime - Kick people AFK longer than this time (Credits to another plugin of AFK Kicker, Default: 40 seconds)
You can type in console amx_automix_settings to access all Cvars easily and change them easily via a menu (ADMINS Only Access).

Defines :- (php code)

#define MIN_AFK_TIME 30  
#define WARNING_TIME 15  
#define CHECK_FREQ 5  
#define PREFIX "[Auto-Mix]"      

Plugin installation :- 

The mode will require those files to be installed within your server FTP :
  • pug.cfg - The pug.cfg file will include inside all the server commands you want the plugin to send to the server's console when a match has STARTED! (such as mp_startmoney 800), I will put my files but you can feel free to edit it or just put your own.
  • practice.cfg - You will also have to put a practice.cfg file in your cstrike folder, the same as pug.cfg, but that'll be executed when there's no match running (Practice cvars)
  • pug.ini - This file will have to be placed in amxmodx/configs folder, it is necessary to help the mode detect weither its after a map change or not (It shouldn't matter for you, just make sure it's there! IMPORTANT NOTE: Make sure there is '0' written in the file at installation, simple 0 (zero), no more)
 Okay, so now when we made clear of what should be installed, lets go to our standard list of how to install the mode:
  1. Take the pug.cfg and practice.cfg files and make sure to upload them to your cstrike/ folder! You can take the original ones from my upload, or just make yours, explanation about them are listed above.
  2. Take the pug.ini file and make sure it's uploaded to cstrike/addons/amxmodx/configs,  
  3. CAUTION! Make sure there's written 0 in there when installing!
  4. Edit file amxmodx/configs/maps.ini to which maps you want the plugin to randomally pick from at MAP VOTE.
  5. Make sure pimpspug.amxx is in the addons/amxmodx/plugins folder, and that you wrote the line 'pimpspug.amxx' in your configs/plugins.ini file (just add a line there saying 'pimpspug.amxx')
  6. Restart the server, and as everyone says on installation guides, Enjoy  :)
Credits :-  
  • fysiks
  • Cheesy Peteza
 Changelog :-

October 5th, 2011 - Plugin published

v1.0.1 - Added a menu to get a player's approval if to bind 'N'

v1.0.2 - Fixed the bug at the 1st half ending when it kept switching teams.

v1.0.3 - Fixed Captains method bug (Not something you notice or know about)
v1.0.3 - Removed unnecessary chat messages
v1.0.3 - Fixed teammembers counter (detects if big amount of players left the match and gives 3 rounds before restarting match)

v1.0.4 - Fixed the server crash bug at the end of every match.

v1.0.5 - Blocked knife round bug (able to switch to pistol by continously switching weapons)

v1.0.6 - Added a feature of selecting team for the winning team in the knife round (Stay or Swap).

v1.0.7 - Minimizing code and making it more efficient & good looking.

v1.0.8 - Fixed Bans punishments from amx_ban to amx_banip

v1.0.9 - Fixed the bug of being able to change a team by 'retry'
v1.0.9 - Fixed Knife Round bug that when a team wins it still says "No team
 has won".

v1.1.0 - Fixed the CRASH problem after Knife Round.
v1.1.0 - Code optimization and making code more efficient with new methods.
v1.1.0 - Fixed "Stay or Swap" voting coming after Knife Round.
v1.1.0 - Score display (say !score) fixed and was set according to swapped teams.

v1.1.1 - Improved TK System - Once player TK'd enough that you can !voteban him, FF will turn off immediately until next round.
v1.1.1 - Improved TK System - If a player has TK'd and disconnected right after, you can still !voteban him since his details are stored.
v1.1.1 - Defusing points will not be included anymore in Ace / Mini-Ace countings.

v1.1.2 - Improved TK System by giving more warnings to players TeamKilling and giving them "1 more chance" before being able to be voted to ban.
v1.1.2 - Improved TK System, players will not lose their history if they reconnect ('retry') until the change of map ofcourse, so punishment is still available after 'retry's.
v1.1.2 - Fixed the Ace / Mini-Ace Bug, now it will be said to the correct persons.
v1.1.2 - Added a menu to easily change cvar values to enable/disable features on the auto-mix plugin, command: amx_automix_settings (console command || Admin Access Only)
v1.1.2 - Added few more Cvars to have more features on the server, allowing or not allowing things.
v1.1.2 - Added End-Of-Match summative *top players* Ranking of players, can be disabled/enabled by the menu.

v1.1.3 - Modifyed !cmds commands and what it prints to make it better looking and that it'll suit the new commands.
v1.1.3 - Fixed the End-Of-Match Ranking table that it will display names.
v1.1.3 - Created a new ranks system, when you gain/lose points on certain situations listed in amx_automix_settings, and by that points you are getting Ranked (6 ranks total), all prices can be easily set in-game by the admin of the server.
v1.1.3 - Fixed buying shield by 'shield' command in console bug (that it won't block if decided to block shield).
v1.1.3 - Added more features to the amx_automix_settings Admins Menu:
  • Not Ready / Ready - I added the Ready list as of who's ready, and these can be set to "Not ready" only display, "Ready" only displaying, or both.
  • Enable / Disable Maps vote
  • Match Rankings table at the end of the round (fixed)
  • Teams Tagging - You can now enable/disable Team A/Team B
  • (Mini) Ace Announcements - You can disable those Ace / Mini Ace announces of players
  • AFK Kick - you can disable/enable AFK kicks at matches.
  • Not Ready Pos - You can set the Not Ready Position list on the screen
  • Ready Pos - You can set the Ready List position on the screen
  • Ready & Not Ready pos on the screen is EXACT since its by X & Y location.
  • Ranks System - Enable / Disable the Ranks System I created with the points, when you're being ranked on the server by the pug plugin.
  • Ranks System Messages - Enable / Disable the message of when you gain / lose points (in chat)
  • Points Values - Set the points values, ex: how much points will you gain when killing and lose when dieing, etc...
  • Ranks Points Prices - Set UNTIL what amount the player will be the rank specified (of the ranks system)
v1.1.3 - Added !startmatch command (ADMINS Only) to force a match to start, no matter how many players or what the conditions are, it will run, even after the map change. v1.1.3 - Added !stopmatch command (ADMINS Only) to force a match to stop, it will stop no matter what and restart the server. v1.1.3 - Added a donation button on the thread, please donate if you want to show support and appreciation toward my work ;) v1.1.4 - Added Multi-Lingual System. Is your language missing? Help translate the plugin *HERE* v1.1.4 - Fixed the right timing announce of Ace / Mini-Ace v1.1.4 - Improved and added features to the amx_automix_settings (Admins console command) v1.1.4 - Fixed CPU leaks that happened to few people, not everyone, for some reason, server does not crash now at end of match or random places. v1.1.4 - Fixed setting points values in amx_automix_settings for the ranks system. v1.1.4 - Added 'Language' option to the players' menu. v1.1.5 - Fixed some error logs of strings formatted incorrectly, problem comes from the ML system, but fixed. v1.1.5 - Fixed bug of match is suddenly stuck at captains vote, and not continuing anymore because of some "AFK" report from the plugin. v1.1.5 - Fixed item=MENU_EXIT problem at player's menu when menu_display is being called. v1.1.5 - Fixed some bugs from the pervious version so it should run better now. v1.1.6 - Fixed client_cmd of killing a player in specific events, did not slay players before (For example: captain mode) v1.1.6 - Added new Language - Deutch (in the .zip file updated auto-mix.txt file) July 23rd, 2013 - Plugin Approved.


In the plugin there is a ranking stats that is actually the ranking stats of AMX Mod X, I changed the commands so it will suit all the '!' commands. The replaced plugin is stats_pug.amxx in the attachments. So all you have to do is place that one and enable it on plugins.ini instead of that plugin ---> statsx.amxx
See servers running this plugin :  Click Here

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