Counter-Strike Admin Spectator ESP v1.4 + v1.5 mini Plugin

Counter-Strike Admin Spectator ESP Plugin

Description :

This plugin will allow admins who have died or are in the spectra, see through walls as a cheat Wallhack.

Required Modules :

amxmodx, engine

Teams :

"w" move forward (forward dvidenie) - enable ESP menu.
"s" move backward (backward movement) - disable ESP menu.
"r" reload (reload) - ESP show menu.
esp_menu - show the setup menu plugin ESP
esp_toggle - plugin settings ESP

settings :

esp 1/0 - enable / disable the plugin
esp_timer 0.3 - update time lines. Stavte not less then 0.1
esp_allow_all 0/1 - only for admins / for all players

esp_disable_default_keys 1/0 - disable / enable the display of ESP menu through "w", "s".

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