CSF OpenGL hack detector 2.2

Developer: -)> Crack <(-
Current version: 2.2
Last updated: 02/17/2011

Installation Instruction :-

1. Find csf_opengl32.amxx and place that in plugins folder (cstrike \ addons \ amxmodx \ plugins)
2. Find opengl32.dll and place it in the root folder of the server (folder having hlds.exe in it)
3. Find Folder opengl32 and copy it to the root folder on the server (older having hlds.exe in it)
4. In the amxx plugins.ini put csf_opengl32.amxx at the top of all plugins. ( plugin must be exclusively first, otherwise false detections will be there)
5. Copy the configuration files (csf_ac_opengl32.cfg & csf_ac_opengl32_lastdll.cfg) into the folder cstrike \ addons \ amxmodx \ configs \ csf_anticheat (If the folder is missing, you must create it)
6. Restart the server.

Answers for FAQs :-

1. You can not check multiple OpenGL.DLL at the same time with AMXX. At a time only one will be check.
2. If a file on the server and client do not match, the player will not be banned!
3. If you have a server opengl32.dll of 72kb and and the client have same file with size 67kb, he will not be banned!
4. The file is automatically changed after every map change!
5. The file can not change every round! Only after map change!
6. You can add/remove OpenGL files from the opengl32 folder.

Download Plugin :-

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