Client Auto Connect Plugin For CS 1.6 [ Auto-Connect plugin CS 1.6 ]

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Counter Strike 1.6 Client Auto Connect Plugin

Description :-

Once the player joins your server, this plugin will change some config settings on the client. Because of it, from next time onwards whenever the player starts his CS he will be directly connected to your server.

The idea of the plugin is not mine. Many friends of mine requested me for this plugin and I wrote it many days ago for one of my friend. Now I can see many are looking for this plugin in this forum. As it's ready made so I posted this here.

The plugin is completely ad-free and source code has been verified by timepass admins.


timepass_server_ip "your ip"
Example : timepass_server_ip ""
timepass_server_msg "your maeesage"
Example: timepass_server_msg "Welcome to the server"

Installation :-

1. Add this plugin to your plugins folder.
2. Add this line in your plugins.ini.


3. Now write the CVARS in amxx.cfg
4. Restart your server.
5. Check with non steam.

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