Counter Strike Dedicated HLDS Server For Linux

Protocol version 48
Exe version (cstrike)
Exe build: 11:30:00 Aug 28, 2012 (5787)

Changes and improvements :

We have released an update to Half-Life 1 dedicated servers. This update fixes a potential DoS exploit that can be run against a server by a connected client.

The most important binaries / engine version HLDS [Linux]

Below a list of the most important binaries released by Valve. Each of them was checked on the servers. 

Remember that they are under Linux (or one who offer hosting servers Nam CS). 

NOTE : If any of the files you will not want to replace (eg hlds_run) - do not worry: this is due to the hosting of security, but the binaries will be able to operate.

Counter-Strike HLDS Ver. 6027 [Patch] For Linux

Counter-Strike HLDS Ver. 6132 [Patch] For Linux

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