dproto 0.9.534 - HLDS serverside crack

Double Protocol (dproto) 

Plugin for Metamod and solving the problem of multi protocol and emulates SteamID for NoSteam clients.Has flexible settings and rich functionality.

Features : - 
- The server accepts all known clients based on the 47 and 48 of the protocol.
- Customizable SteamID 's clients.
- Works with the latest version of HLDS . 
- Built-in emulation on the server side.

Requirements :

- Metamod 1.19-1.20 , 1.21p37 or 1.21.1-am.

- Net (not patched) files engine ( swds.dll for Windows ; engine_i686.so for Linux )
- Anyone build server 48 of Protocol.
Installation :

- In the folder addons dproto create a folder and copy it to a file or dproto.so dproto.dll depending on the operating system, Linux or Windows, respectively.

- Open addons / metamod / plugins.ini (if this file does not exist, then create your own), and add the following line:

linux addons/dproto/dproto_i386.so

win32 addons\dproto\dproto.dll

- File dproto.cfg throw the root of the server or folder cstrike. Adjust the configuration by setting your preferences (default settings are sufficient for the operation of the module).

Changelog dproto 0.9.475
  • Fixed trimming CRLF in steam.inf parsing.
  • Removed config params : FakePlayers_ConnectInitiationCheck,FakePlayers_ClientValidationCheck, FakePlayers_CommandsOrderCheck.
  • Default to generate steam id by ip for non-steam clients.
  • Advanced fake clients detection.

Changelog dproto 0.9.476
  • Fixed SteamID processing.

Changelog dproto 0.9.481    
  • Fixed some of false fake players detections.

Changelog dproto 0.9.491
  • Added exploit fix.
  • Fixed RevEmu2013 SteamID assigning on Linux.
  • Bug fix

Changelog dproto 0.9.509
  • Fixed client commentator mode handling.
  • Switching to Source type answer when server is flooded with ServerInfo queries.

Changelog dproto 0.9.510
  • Fixed release 509 issue.

Changelog dproto 0.9.514
  • Fixed STEAM userid keysize is bogus (0/1024) error.
  • Fixed issue with rules in release.
  • Filter setinfo sent out to other clients (thanks to PRoSToTeM@).
  • New option in config to enable sending of top and bottom colors: SpreadUserInfoColors.

Changelog dproto 0.9.519
  • Additional checks and cleanup of setinfo fields on player connect.
  • Process setinfo command arguments.
  • Allow to use UTF8 nicks on older server builds (< 6xxx).
  • Set console to UTF8 mode on Windows (TrueType font should be selected to be able to read UTF8 texts).
  • Closed fullupdate backdoor.

Changelog dproto 0.9.522
  • Fixed issue with setinfo processing on some systems.

Changelog dproto 0.9.524
  • Less restrictive setinfo usage.

Changelog dproto 0.9.531
  • False fake player detections should happen a bit less frequently.

Changelog dproto 0.9.534
  • Optional limit for dp_ipsessions output (dp_ipsessions ).
  • Output client last packet receive time on overflow.
  • Status command rate check.


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