Could not contact master game server in Counter Strike 1.6

Issue :

Upon launching Counter Strike and trying to locate online servers this mesage appears:
Could not contact master game server to retrieve server list.

Instructions how to install Setti masterserver :

Masterserver is a server which tells clients (that's YOU) what are the IP addresses of game servers (CS:S, CS1.6, TF2, ...).

What you need to do is change the default MasterServer IP address to Setti MasterServer IP address. To do that follow the instructions.

Copy MasterServers.vdf to config\ directory

* Standalone: C:\games\Counter-Strike Source\platform\config\MasterServers.vdf

* Steam: C:\Program Files\Steam\config\MasterServers.vdf

* NOTE: If masterserver2.vdf is in the same directory then overwrite it too - notice the naming difference

* Make MasterServers.vdf read-only

* Right-click over MasterServers.vdf, select "Properties" and check "Read-only"

For more information click here

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