[Metamod] - [Double Protocol] Dproto 0.9.548

[Metamod] - [Double Protocol] Dproto 0.9.548 [HLDS serverside crack]

Double Protocol (dproto) - plugin for Metamod 'A problem solver and multi-protocol for emulating SteamID NoSteam-clients. It has flexible settings and rich functionality. 


- The server accepts all known customers, based on 47 and 48 of the protocol.
- Customizable SteamID 's customers.
- Works with the latest version of HLDS.
- Built-in emulation on the server side. 

Requirements :

- Net (not patched) files engine (swds.dll for Windows; engine_i686.so for Linux).
- Metamod 1.19-1.20, 1.21p37 or 1.21.1-am
- Any server build 48 of Protocol. 


Q: Give a link to the official website dproto.
A: There is an official topic dproto http://cs.rin.ru/forum/viewtopic.php?f=29&t=55986

Q: Do you have a version much older than in the first post of a topic on the official cs.rin.ru - 0.9.391. Who is it updated?
A: The development dproto Crock handed user Lev (Flasher on cs.rin.ru). This can be seen by reading the first post of the official topic. Since Lev can not edit the first post, the new version should be sought somewhere in the back pages of the same topic.

Q: I remember that there was a topic on aghl.ru, but I can not find it.
A: Topic (http://aghl.ru/forum/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=1389) erased. There was only on cs.rin.ru.

Q: I installed dproto, but it is not working. Team «meta list» shows the following:

Currently loaded plugins:
1. description stat pend file vers src load unlod
2. [1] dproto fail load dproto_i386.so v0.3.4 ini Start Never
A: To start the server, add the line parameters «-console + log on + mp_logecho 1". Look for the cause in the output of the server console. Example of error:

[DPROTO]: Config line parsing failed: invalid parameter 'FakePlayers_ConnectInitiationCheck'
[DPROTO]: Failed to load config: parsing error on line 175
[DPROTO]: Cant load config - detaching ...

Q: My server did not see the players with the client v24 / p.47!
Q: After updating to dproto XHH when you connect the player to the server receives an error «you version does not match the server».
A: Set the variable ServerInfoAnswerType config dproto.cfg 1 or 2.

Q: How to make my server visible to customers and Protocol 47 to stim?
A: Set the variable ServerInfoAnswerType config dproto.cfg 2.

Q: In the logs I see the error "Error verifying STEAM UserID Ticket (server was unable to contact the authentication server)" when I play with the incentive.
Q: Bans Steam for players not working. Players with bans on steamid continue to play on the server.
A: Your server can not connect / lost connection to the server stima. I do not know the universal method of testing the connection to Steam servers. If you have enabled VAC, use the stat. If you see a line version «insecure» or «insecure (secure mode enabled, disconnected from Steam3)» This means that the connection to the server is lost steam. This issue has nothing to do dproto, but I can give some advice how to fix it:
1. Check whether to allow outgoing TCP connections on port 27030 destination.
2. Check whether you allow to send UDP datagram to port 2690x.
3. If you're using linux, you should add the «+ ip <server ip>» to start the server parameters. For example, an option «+ ip» works well.

Q: My server sometimes crashes after X days of the ...
A: Ask about the cause at Valve.

Q: Tell me, what kind of .sma files in the archive? Do I have to install them and how do they work?
A: dp_test.sma an example of using functions dproto for information on the protocol and client SteamID. updatehint.sma is a plugin to inform the players about the use of outdated client. Both plug-in does not need to be installed.

Q: Updated to version 0.9.509 dproto. When connected via a search or favorite client hangs, but the console is connected properly.
A: Bug client. In this assembly on 48 Protocol for whatever reason, it is used by 47 serverbrauzer protocol. The fix is to replace the players on the library serverbrauzera http://cs.rin.ru/forum/viewtopic.php?p=1002174#p1002174 or use dproto version 0.9.545 or older.

Q: In dproto 0.9.388 option appeared SteamIdHashSalt. Why is it needed?
A: This setting allows you to protect your players from theft using SteamID SteamID changer, CT-Shield, and so on. F. Implement protection irreversible transformation SteamID, transmitted by the client (generated dproto customers without emulator) on the basis of a hash algorithm. To complicate the search algorithm, the process involves the random data - the string SteamIdHashSalt. Changing even one character in this line SteamID distort beyond recognition. So to steal someone else's SteamID becomes possible only after luring players on your server. Meaning SteamIdHashSalt to keep a secret.

Q: Which characters can be used in a string SteamIdHashSalt?
A: The string must consist of no fewer than 16 Latin characters az and numbers 0-9.
A: At the prompt, you can specify any characters minimum - 16 maximum - not limited, but will be used only to the first 255.

Q: Is there, if I now put dproto 0.9.390, then all my players will change SteamID?
A: Only the players with the emulator.

Q: What can you somehow disable this feature?
A: Leave the value SteamIdHashSalt empty.

Q: Why option SpreadUserInfoColors?
A: This option applies only to Half-Life. In Counter-Strike servers it is desirable to set to 0.

Q: Dproto bans players with reason «Fake players spamming or protocol violations». How to change the punishment to kick?
A: Set a negative value FakePlayers_BanTime. For example, -1.

Q: After installing a new dproto players began to complain kicks / bans to cause «Fake players spamming or protocol violations». How to fix it?
A: The sensitivity of detection of fake players can not be adjusted. Flasher'u to improve the detection algorithm fake players do not have enough information. Complaints such as "I have a lot of players kicked from server / bans cause with fake players ... But I do not want / can not provide additional information" will not help neither you nor us. For details on how to collect the necessary debug information can be found here http://aghl.ru/forum/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=1741#p20200 . Next, you need to write a post to receive a report in the official topic dproto.

Q: Can I disable checking (added to the white list) certain IP / SteamID?
A: No.

Q: What can disable the detection function fake players?
A: No.

Q: In some of the latest versions dproto no detection fake players and client hangs crooked serverbrauzerom?
A: dproto 0.9.497.

Q: In dproto 0.9.519 added support for nicks in UTF-8 (Russian nicknames) for older builds server (<6xxx). Do I need to disable upatch?
A: In order to support Russian chat upatch need to leave. In the config upatch.cfg need to set the variable to 0 PatchUnicodePlayerName.

Q: Russian nicknames only work on incentive?
A: Wherever there is a UTF-8 support. For example, in recent builds customer or client with upatch.

Q: Is anyone on the server changes on the Russian nickname, the server crashes.
Q: When I try to chat command / xxx and the server is present the player with the Russian nickname, the server crashes.
A: The problem is in your plugins. Some of them do not support nicknames in UTF-8.

Q: Can prohibit players to use Russian nicknames, but stay on the new version dproto?
A: No.

Q: Why does my server is not displayed in the monitor?
A: Because you have enabled hybrid mode response (hybrid answer type), some monitoring scripts can not handle it correctly. There are 4 ways to solve the problem:
1. Use standard types of response (ServerInfoAnswerType = 1 or 0).
2. Try to solve the problem yourself (correct script).
3. Write a script developers.
4. Try to install the latest version dproto 0.9.548.
I do not guarantee the correct operation of software from third-party developers.

Installation Instruction :

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