How to Host your own CS:GO Competitive Match for Friends

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What you will need!
It´s really easy and simple to setup. 

Console :

If you have trouble opening your console follow these steps:
1. Start CS:GO
2. Options → Game Settings
3. Enable Developer Console → Yes
4. Options → Keyboard / Mouse
5. Scroll all the way down to "Toggle Console" and set a button you´d like.

Express Guide :

1. Play
2. Play with Friends
3. Set to Private Match
4. Casual
5. Load the map you want to play over the Console
6. Write "exec gamemode_competitive" and "mp_restartgame 1" into your Console

Detailed Guide :

So the first thing you want to do is click the "Play" button followed by "Play with Friends".
This will open up a lobby where you can invite your dudes.
Now change the permissions to "Private Match".
In the game settings you don´t want to choose competitive, instead we will choose "Casual".
Don´t worry about the map pool, it will load up a random map anyway. We will change the map ingame via console commands!
Now after loading up a random map you want to open your console.
If you have troubles opening your console read the first chapter of this guide "What you will need!"

Type "changelevel" and the map name into your console and hit enter.
Here is an example of how to change the map to Dust 2:
changelevel de_dust2

If you don't know the map's exact name type the following into your console:
maps *

You should be on the map of your choice now. If so you will need to open your console again.
Type "exec gamemode_competitive" followed by mp_restartgame 1.
This should restart the game and load up the competitive game mode.

More commands :

mp_maxrounds 20 - changes the total rounds being played to whatever you choose
bot_kick - kicks all bots
mp_warmup_end - end warmup

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