How to add maps in server and how to display maps in votemenu - Counter Strike 1.6

First get Maps Files .. And just copy the files and place it where they are meant to go..

Like if there is models then they will go to cstrike/models
Sound Files Goes to cstrike/sound
Spirtes Files goes to cstrike/sprites
Map files goes to cstrike/maps

Suppose you have successfully added aa_dima2 map now you want it to be shown in votemneu in amxmodmenu..
Then go to cstrike/addons/amxmodx/config and find maps.ini File

Open it and just add the name that is aa_dima2 in new line ..
save It.

Change map/Give Restart..
And done it will be added in Votemneu..!

Note : don't use extension in maps.ini file . All the maps names are case sensititve. So make sure you type the exact name that follow the map name...

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